Greetings, squadlings.

I don’t even know if I’m going to post this, but I felt the need to write it anyway.

People collect a lot of things. Some people collect dead bugs, leaves, stamps, postcards, video games…I collect stuffed animals. Being almost 20 years old, I get an endless amount of shit for that. One quote I hear all too often is “You need to spend your money on important things.” 

Why do other people care what spend MY MONEY on? I earned it, I can do what I want with it. And, come on, “important things?” Yep, I’m sure those $150 Adidas shoes you’re wearing are SOOOO important. That being said…

Has it passed through your tiny brain that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, stuffed animals are important to me? I’m not going to drop money on something if I don’t want it. Why would I spend money on something I don’t care about? Are you so dense that you really think I don’t realize I’m spending money on these things?

I don’t know how many stuffed animals I have. At home, A LOT. At school, maybe six or seven. I’ve had my friends at school tease me about my animals, and fine, whatever, I can take a joke. But when it becomes a constant thing where people are giving me shit for collecting stuffed animals, it gets real old, real fast. giphy

I’m almost 20. I like stuffed animals. Why do so many people who AREN’T ME care about that? I could be smoking crack or getting drunk every weekend, if you would prefer that. adorable-terrifying-stuffed-animals-plush-feisty-pets-9

I tried to limit how many animals I brought to college with me, but it wasn’t easy, honestly. I had reason for bringing all of them, believe it or not.

I have stuffed animals that look like my dogs. It’s comforting to see something that looks like them that I can sleep with, like I sleep with my dogs. I’m not going to pull their pictures off the wall and try to cuddle it.

I have stuffed animals that my mom and dad gave me; a giraffe from my mom, named Walter, and an armadillo from my dad, named Carl. My siblings know about Walter and Carl. My sisters think Carl is hilarious. Those came with because they make me think of my parents when I see them.

I have my old teddy bear, Squeezer, a giraffe Pillow Pet named Gary, and a monkey Build-A-Bear named Bruno that I made with my cousin…

There’s more than that, but you get the point. I brought all animals home for spring break because I plan on switching some out and bringing new ones for the remainder of the year, I just haven’t decided which ones yet. Next year, in my apartment, I’ll have my own full bed. You bet your ass I’ll be bringing more animals, BECAUSE I CAN.

So, talk shit all you want about me having so many stuffed animals. But believe it or not, if they didn’t mean something to me, I wouldn’t have them.




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