Doggos and Midterms and Screaming into the Void

Greetings, squadlings!

Good lord, am I getting my ass kicked. Community college was by no means easy, but a four-year university just might kill me.

My old school didn’t really have midterms. We pretty much just had a unit test around midterms, and it didn’t take a huge chunk out of your grade.



I had actual midterms this time around. They were not fun. 10/10 would not recommend.

Aside from midterms, I’ve been thinking a lot about dogs. I miss my dogs. I saw a dog tonight. 10/10. Good pupper. Love doggo. giphy1

Other than that, I’m pretty much dying. What’s new? I write “scream into the void” on my to-do list each week, though I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Sooner or later, maybe when I’m not drowning in papers and textbooks, I will find the time.

Wish me luck, squadlings!


Why College Kids Love Getting Mail

Greetings and Happy Valentine’s Day, squadlings!

By now, I have adjusted pretty well to life in my dorm: I know which showers are slightly less disgusting and have better water pressure than others, I know exactly how long it takes me to get to my classes (4 minutes, thank you), and I know that college kids freakin’ love getting mail. 

When we would get mail at home, it was usually some type of bill, a letter from school saying your tuition is due, or something stupid from a rip-off honor society you’ve been asked to join (yes, I’m in one). Getting mail here is actually interesting.

Usually, I watch my friends walk away with pizza coupons or things we’ve all ordered off Amazon that we KNOW we can’t afford, but sometimes, it’s cards, care packages, or even letters from other friends.


We moved. Some of us, a long way. We left behind the life we grew up with and started over in a new place. Getting mail shows us that people didn’t forget about us. troy-community-emotions

So far, in the mail, I’ve gotten a shitload of useless crap I ordered from Amazon and eBay, laptop stickers, new sheets curtesy of my mom, a Pillow Pet keychain that holds ID cards (which is actually very convenient, 10/10 would recommend), and two cards from my aunt.

The real thrill is getting package slips, but of course, that’s only happened with crap I’ve ordered from Amazon and eBay (I got a laptop case from eBay because my dumb ass dropped my laptop from my lofted bed, cracked my old case, and dented my laptop. Good times). 

So, the moral of the story for my family and friends reading this is SEND ME THINGS.

Good day, squadlings.

Why I Keep Going Home

Greetings, squadlings!

By now, I am in my third week of my first semester at my new college. I don’t mind it; the work load isn’t as terrible as I expected, and I’ve made quite a few friends here. That being said, I’ve already gone home once, and I’m going home again on Friday (today is Wednesday).

You may be wondering, based on past posts explaining why I needed to get out of my hometown, why I keep going home. Let me preface this by saying my hometown is not the reason why I keep going home.

Growing up, I was never away from home. I had such bad separation anxiety that I wouldn’t even go to sleepovers. Summer camp was never even brought up-we all just knew it would never happen. Because of this, you’re probably wondering why I chose a university three hours from home.

My father was raised in the town I go to school in. I wanted to go to a new place, but also someplace I was familiar with. Having spent time here as a kid, I’m familiar with the town itself, so it was a new, yet not totally new adventure for me.

But that’s beside the point.


I keep going home for a number of reasons; I love my friends here, but I need to get away sometimes. It’s nothing against them, it’s just me.

I have two dogs back home. My doggos are my sons, and I worship them. I go home because I miss them.

I also have six brothers and sisters back home. One of them goes to college an hour from home, and we’re both going home this weekend. It’s nice to have them to go back to.

And then comes my parents. I’ve always been very close to my mom. I talk to her MORE than once a day. This move has probably been harder on her than it has been on me. I have new people to distract me from not being at home, she has one less person at home. My dad has reason to come up north to see me, being that his mom lives here, but it’s still nice to go home and see him, too.

I miss my family, that’s why.

It has nothing to do with my hometown, or the fact that I hate my new school, or anything like that. I like my new school. I just miss my family and I want to go see them. Being cramped in a dorm sucks. It’s nice to have my own house, where I can shower without wearing shoes or chase my dog around.

So, with that being said, I’m off to pack to head home this weekend.

See you soon, squadlings.