10 Things I’ve Learned By Living In a Dorm

What I do instead of Music homework: blog.

Greetings, squadlings!

As you all know, I’ve officially transferred out of my community college and into a four-year university! Huzzah!

I like it here! It’s a beautiful campus, I’ve made friends with loads of people in my building, and my classes all seem ok (apart from my two hour lab every Tuesday, CRIES). 

Having transferred midyear, I moved into a dorm. I live on an all girls floor, so it’s not too bad. That being said, here’s ten things I’ve learned in my first week in a dorm:

1. Teenage girls shed more hair than Sheepdogs.

Like, YIKES. There is hair everywhere. On the sinks, on the shower walls, in the laundry room, it’s endless. Seriously, we’re animals. tumblr_oexthvhejl1smgq1ro1_500

2. Go to the lobby/lounge. Just do it.

If you transfer midyear like I did, you’re not gonna meet anyone by just leaving your door open. Sorry, I tried. So, one day I went on down to the lobby of my building, and BOOM. I met literally every single friend I have here in my lobby. JUST GO.lobby-snacks

3. The beds are not as bad as everyone says they are.

Having a Twin XL is not some awful thing. Just get a mattress pad (I recommend a 1.5in memory foam one) and you’ll be fine. The space is fine. You’re just one person (and, if you’re like me, a million stuffed animals).


4. That being said, there are pros and cons to lofted beds. 

My bed is now six feet tall. I am not used to that. I have stopped hitting my head on the ceiling as often as I used to, but if you’re new to college and you have a lofted bed, beware…and watch your head. Also, making/putting sheets on the bed is about to get a whole lot harder. Climbing into bed is a struggle. Getting up to pee becomes a daily battle. However, once you’re in bed, you have all that space to yourself. No one on the floor can see if you pull out the teddy bear you were too embarrassed to bring to college (or, if you’re like me, you have all your stuffed animals lined up on your bed). It rules. Just don’t sit up too fast.


5. Privacy? Lol, what’s that?

Guess what? Your bathroom is a public bathroom now. You’re getting ready in front of your entire hall/wing. You wanna get dressed in your room? Betcha ten bucks your roommate is in there. You’re screwed. 5ilizuu

6. The showers are just as gross as everyone says they are.

Dear GOD, get shower shoes. GET THEM. Those showers are awful. Trust me, your toes will slip out of the shoes eventually and then you just have to sit back and wait for the infection to slowly kill you, because you know it will.


7. Get all the storage supplies you can.

Bins, those plastic drawer things, baskets, you name it, you need it. Seriously. Dorms are small, and you need places to put all your crap.


8. You will miss your pets, family, friends, etc. more than you think you will.

I’m only three hours from home, and I miss everything WAY more than I thought I would. I moved here a week ago today, and I’m already going home on Friday because I miss my dogs too much. Prepare yourself.


9. Living on campus has pros and cons. 

Being able to leave for class two minutes before it starts is great. Dining hall food is not.


10. Bring food. Lots and lots of food.

The dining hall is far, and the food is meh. Bring your own food. BRING IT. 6358385238963247871464835004_emma20stone20food

Overall, dorms are not as terrible as people say they are. I’m off to bed, pray I don’t hit my head on the ceiling.

Wish me luck, squadlings!


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