And So It Begins…

Greetings, squadlings!

I’ve officially moved into my dorm at my university! My roommate doesn’t arrive until Saturday, so I’ve got the place to myself for a couple more nights.

I’ve taken the move easier than I thought I would. I miss my family and my dogs, but I would say it’s ok here.

I’ve come to realize that I took a lot of things for granted at home. For example, I’ve never hit my head on a pipe while making my bed. I’ve never had to stand on a desk just to get in my bed. I’ve never had to take the fastest shower of my life because I was so disgusted at how nasty the shower itself is. I’ve never had to walk up an endless hill just to get food (my university is famous for its hill). 

I miss my dogs. I’ve cried once since getting here, and that was after Facetiming my mom and seeing my dog. To be honest, though, it was the beeping noise that my fridge made in the background that made me cry. I don’t miss my hometown by any means, personally I was never that much of a fan, but my dogs and my family are back there.

The fact that I’m alone probably isn’t helping. Once my roommate arrives and I get distracted with school and having a friend here, I feel like I’ll get more used to it.

There was an event for transfer students tonight, a little get-together for new members of the residence halls. Though it was up the hill, I made the trek to a random dorm I’ve never been in and played Uno with some random girls. Most of them were exchange students; two girls from Scotland, one from England, another from Africa and one from China. There was one girl who had also transferred from a community college from Michigan. I got her phone number, and currently we’re texting about how awful dorm showers are.

I’ve been calling my mom more than I thought I would. I’ve Facetimed her a few times, mainly because I’m just sitting in my dorm and literally no one has moved back in for the new semester yet. The only person (besides those I met at the transfer party) I’ve talked to since I got here is my Resident Assistant.

I couldn’t go without a dog for more than 24 hours. I have my stuffed animals that look like my dogs, but I had to get the real thing. Ok, not the REAL real thing. I bought a planter at Shopko that’s shaped like a dog. I’ve named him Sparky, and he’s sitting on top of my storage bins. As lame as this sounds, it’s actually kind of comforting to “come home” to a “dog”.

Honestly, I’m pretty fricken bored being here by myself. I hope some people will start arriving for semester soon.

Wish me luck, squadlings!



  1. Pearl Terbobri · January 20

    Sweet Jenna you’ll be fine!!! If am surviving college you can too! Keep your head up baby!
    Am proud of you!
    I love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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