Applied and Accepted. Cue Loud Screaming

It’s happening, folks.

A week ago, I applied to transfer out of my community college into a four-year university.

Last night, I got accepted to said four-year university for Spring 2017.

Excuse me while I just…giphy


Yes, it’s true; I’m officially transferring out of my community college to a four-year university, three hours from home.


Believe me, I’m super excited. This is what my goal always was; to get out of my hometown and go to a university. But, naturally, with that excitement comes…well…this:


As of now, seeing as I don’t leave home until January, it hasn’t really hit me that I’m going to actually be transferring schools. But in the back of my mind, I know it’s there. I know I’m going to be leaving my six brothers and sisters, my dogs, my parents, my home. 

And to that, I say: “Well, that sucks.”

Having dealt with anxiety for most of my life, I knew this day was going to come sooner rather than later after I graduated high school. I knew that I couldn’t stay at my mom’s house for the rest of my life.

So yeah, I’d be lying if I said I’m not terrified to leave home. I’d also be lying if I said I’m not excited.

This is something, as hard as it’s going to be, that I need to do. I’m not going to sit around and go to community college forever. And hey, being a Spring semester transfer, if I really can’t handle it, it’s only four months. If it’s so terrible, I can always come home.

But honestly, I really don’t think I will.

Wish me luck, squadlings!


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