When Everyone Leaves, And You’re Still Here…

Holy CRAP.

I am SO sorry for the lack of posts, squadlings. The past month has been wild.

For starters, I found a dead bat in my room. We don’t know how long it was alive in the house, but since it was too decomposed to determine if it had rabies or not, my entire family (dog included) and I have been getting rabies shots for the last two weeks. Let me tell you, squadlings, those suckers HURT. A lot. 

Aside from getting rabies shots, I’ve been up north with my family. We used to have an annual camping trip every year, but it died down the past few years. However, my aunt just purchased a cabin up north, so we brought the camping trip back to spend a weekend up there. The whole family couldn’t make it, as one flight was delayed, some family were in Australia, and some just had to work, but it was still fun! My cousins and I ended up causing a six-car pile up on a go-kart track. Oops…

Now, onto the title of this post.

The past week or so, my friends have been moving all over the damn place for college. My best friends took off to University of Dayton and Boston University this past week. Just as I did when my older best friend left, I sat on the floor of my room and cried at the thought of my younger best friend (who happens to be the older best friend’s sister, and my cousin) moving across the country. Then I started thinking about how my older best friend has been in Dayton and London in the past year, and we survived that, so I can handle both of them leaving again. They’re my cousins, so I’ll see them at the holidays!

Another childhood friend of mine took off to Georgetown earlier this week. That’s been interesting. It seems we talk more now that she’s across the country than we did when she lived twenty minutes away. Go figure.

My younger sister leaves for school on Saturday, and I can tell you honestly that, even though she’ll only be an hour away, I will be a wreck.

As more and more of my friends take off on their new adventures, or if they’re returning to a place they’ve been previously, it got me thinking…

I’m 19 years old, now a sophomore in college, and I’m STILL here.

Community college is a funny thing. I’m happy I’m saving as much money as I can, but at the end of the day, I’m stuck in my hometown. I’m stuck in the same stupid town I’ve lived in for nineteen long years. And frankly, I’m bored.

I’m bored of this. As I watch all my friends take off to schools all over the place, I’m still stuck here, and I’m, honestly, jealous. They all get to run off and have fun and I’m STILL FREAKIN’ HERE.


Believe me, I’m happy for my friends that they get to experience these things! But being stuck here while they explore new cities, meet new people…It ain’t that satisfying, kids.

I don’t mind my school. That being said, I think I’m ready to transfer to a university now…


Wish me luck, squadlings!


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