So, Guess What?

Greetings, squadlings.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know that (on more than one occasion), I’ve expressed my interest in getting my first stuffed animal, Dotty, fixed. He lost an eye due to a run-in with a staircase in church back in 2004 (I thought I was real cool tossing him up and down, until I missed catching him and heard a clink and watched his eye roll down the steps). My dad always said he would replace the eye, but we just never got around to it, and Dotty’s eye is long gone by now. I’ve wanted to fix him up for years, but never really put much effort into it, until now.

Through one of my adventures on the internet, I stumbled upon a website for a stuffed animal hospital called Realms of Gold. The hospital is run by a woman named Beth, who lives in California, and her contact information is on her website. If you’re interested in checking out the business, click here.

So, back in November I emailed Beth and asked for an estimate to repair Dotty’s lost eye. She sent me a reply, but being the moron I am, I deleted the email. I figured that was the end of it, and gave up. I never stopped thinking about Dotty’s eye, though.

It took me until about March to build up the courage to email Beth again. By then, Dotty had not only lost his eye, but he had flattened out quite a bit after seventeen years (he was purchased on a camping trip in 1999, when I was two). I eventually emailed Beth again, asking how much it would cost to fix Dotty’s eye AND give him a bit of new stuffing. Beth, as always, replied very quickly and told me that there would be no price adjustment.

The problem was, I was broke.

My nineteenth birthday rolled around in early May, and somehow, I convinced my mom to let me send Dotty out to California to be fixed up as a birthday present.  Dotty was finally going to be repaired.

Well, kids, I’ve been so busy this summer that I didn’t have time to send Dotty out until late July. I know, I know, I’m awful. Here is Dotty before his journey:


As you can see, Dotty was very flat, and, well, blind. 

So, I found an old Sephora box, thanks to one of my mom’s past online orders…IMG_1983.JPGIMG_2993.JPG

And off he went, with a note taped to his back for Miss Beth. (As you can see, these pictures were taken months apart, seeing as the second picture does not have the bubble wrap in the box. Couldn’t find it. Oops. I’m a mess)

Here is his emotional journey to the post office:


Dotty’s box (on top) ready to be taken to the post office.


Dotty’s box in the passenger’s seat of my mom’s car, on his way to the post office



Dotty getting his shipping label

I admit, sending Dotty off was an emotional experience. However, Miss Beth was SO wonderful throughout the entire thing. Of course, I had Dotty’s tracking number up on my laptop the entire time he made his way to the West Coast, and Miss Beth let me know as soon as Dotty arrived. Seriously. The tracking number said he was delivered, and within two minutes, I had an email from Miss Beth.

A few days went by, and I received another email from Miss Beth. Dotty’s eye had been replaced, and he had been re-stuffed! Miss Beth just wanted a confirmation from me that everything was ok, and she would send Dotty home.

The noise that came out of my mouth when I saw those pictures was not human.

Dotty looked AMAZING. It was so weird seeing him with two eyes! Here are the pictures Miss Beth sent:


I had explained to Miss Beth in my letter that Dotty’s remaining eye was red, and if she couldn’t match it, no big deal. I didn’t want her to go out of her way to get a plastic eye. But she matched it perfectly!

The following Monday (she sent the pictures on Saturday), I received another email from Miss Beth telling me Dotty was on his way home! She sent a tracking number, too!

So, naturally, I stared at my laptop for three days, watching Dotty’s tracking number. Miss Beth used two day shipping! Dotty was flown in to San Francisco on Monday morning, and he was back in my town by Tuesday.

Dotty’s expected delivery day was Wednesday (today), so I’ve been pacing my house all day waiting for the USPS people to arrive (they’re usually late in my neighborhood). While I was doing some homework (and by homework I mean watching Netflix), I just happened to check Dotty’s tracking number. He had been out for delivery by 9:30AM, and it was already 3:20.


I have never run downstairs so fast. I scared my dog.

Sure enough, Dotty’s package was on the front porch! I brought him inside, opened him up, and screamed.



Miss Beth fixed his eye, and she stuffed him PERFECTLY. I’m so happy!


I know this post is long, but my point is, if you ever need a stuffed animal (or cloth doll!) fixed up, DO NOT HESITATE to send them to Miss Beth at Realms of Gold. Dotty looks better than he has in years. Not only that, Miss Beth is a wonderful business owner. She responded to all of my emails within hours (sometimes within minutes!), she knew exactly what I wanted, and she did an incredible job. She is kind and understanding when it comes to her business, and will go above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you want. She’s one of the few people out there who understand just how much a stuffed animal can mean to a person, and she will take incredible care of yours. I wish I would have discovered her sooner, because Dotty is as good as new. If I or any of my six siblings ever need a stuffed animal fixed up, we now know exactly where to send them.

Miss Beth, I know you will read this, and I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much.

Realms of Gold website: CLICK HERE

Miss Beth’s email:

Realms of Gold phone number (United States): 650-996-2280




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