I Was Sassed By a Peacock Before I Fed a Giraffe

Holy balls, squadlings.

Apologies for the lack of posts these past few weeks. I’m taking a summer course, and to put things lightly, it’s royally kicking my ass. So that’s fun.

I’m also working, as per usual, so most of my time while I’m NOT working is used for homework. Hooray.

A quick few updates for y’all:

  1. The summer course I’m taking is Introduction to Film. Easy enough, but very time consuming, seeing as it’s a sixteen-week course shoved into eight weeks. It’s all online, meaning I need the motivation to get to work on it, and as y’all know, motivation and I don’t get along very well. I should be doing homework right now, but alas, I am blogging.

2. My great aunt passed away on Sunday. I didn’t know her well, but I’m still sad about it. I’ve met her a few times, and she was very sweet. She lived in Missouri, where my dad is from, so I didn’t see her much.

3. I FED A GIRAFFE. A REAL, LIVE GIRAFFE. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am OBSESSED with giraffes. Like, unhealthily (is that a word?) obsessed with them. A little background for you on how this happened:

My cousins, Brynn and Erin, and I have a friend named Ari. Ari lives about an hour and a half away from us, near Milwaukee. Ari told us that, at the Milwaukee zoo, you can feed giraffes. Of course, I lost my mind at the thought of feeding a giraffe. So, seeing as Brynn returned from her semester abroad in London a few weeks ago, we thought it would be fun for all of us to go to the Milwaukee zoo. So, on Monday, Brynn, Erin and I piled into Brynn and Erin’s Honda Civic and drove to Ari’s town to pick her up. Once we picked her up, we made our way to the Milwaukee zoo.

I had never been to the Milwaukee zoo before. I can confirm for you, it is HUGE. They have SO many more animals than the zoo where I live. So, we determined you could feed the giraffes at 3:00. We got to the zoo around 11. We wandered around the zoo, checking out all the animals.

I was not aware of this, but apparently, the Milwaukee zoo has peacocks just waltzin’ around the zoo. I thought they broke out of their cage, but Ari explained that was just how it was there. I decided, being the idiot I am, to go up and mess around with one of said peacocks (a female). I walked on up to the peacock, and I yelled “WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL ME?”

I’m stupid, don’t even ask.

So, this peacock stops in her tracks, turns to me, and SQUAWKS. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a peacock sound, but it’s VERY strange. I GOT SASSED BY A PEACOCK. I can check that off my bucket list.

We also saw a seal/sea lion show, which was really cool! Those are Erin’s favorite animals, so of course she was freaking out. There was a sea lion named Mikaia who was very talented, along with a seal named Nanu. 10/10 to both.

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, the Pokemon Go craze is sweeping the nation, and Ari and Erin caught quite a few Pokemon at the zoo. Many Pokestops.


As 3:00 was nearing, we made our way to the giraffe exhibit and bought our tickets; $5 each to feed the giraffes. We had some time to kill before 3:00, so we went to see the wolves. Unfortunately, the wolves weren’t feeling seeing us, so we didn’t actually see them. Brynn was also very disappointed that her favorite animal, the otters, are having a new exhibit being built, so there weren’t any otters there. She did, however, see a tiger being fed raw meat out of a bucket. That was awesome.

Once 3:00 rolled around, we went back to the giraffe exhibit and waited in line. Finally, when it was our turn, we could only go two at a time, so Brynn and I went first.

OH MY GOD I CRIED. Giraffe tongues are around 20 inches long, and they’re black. Giraffe tongues are black so they don’t get sunburn while reaching for leaves in tall trees. Yes, I’m serious. And when you have a 20-inch black tongue comin’ straight at your hand, it’s quite an adventure. Side note, we weren’t allowed to turn our backs to the giraffes, because they would think we were taking their food away and whip us with their necks. I would have been so blessed.

Twas a good day. Here are some pictures of the zoo adventure: (I don’t know why the pictures posted twice).


Me feeding Bahatika. CRYING


Erin feeding Bahatika (male) while Marlee (female) apparently thinks she’s next.



Brynn after feeding Marlee. Right after this picture, I tried to give Marlee the lettuce piece, but Bahatika wasn’t havin’ my shit and took it right out of Marlee’s face.




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