Spring Broke


And I’m doing absolutely nothing.

I wish I could say my friends and I are taking a road trip, or jetting off to Florida for a few days, but no. We’re stuck here in the cold, gray world known as Wisconsin. Because we’re broke.

One thing I knew was coming, but have come to realize, about adulting is that EVERYTHING is expensive. Everything.

My friends and I talked about maybe doing something together for Spring Break, but alas, we’re broke. Yes, we all have jobs, but we don’t make enough to take even a weekend away. I get paid well at my job, don’t get me wrong, and I like my job. It’s just that traveling is expensive, and I can’t afford it. AND YES, I MAKE ABOVE MINIMUM WAGE.

So, while my sister jets off to Italy and Greece for two weeks, I get to have my wisdom teeth removed. Who’s the real winner here?


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