First Round of Midterms

Greetings, squadlings.

Last semester (my first semester of college), I was #blessed to not have A SINGLE midterm for any of my classes.

This semester, however, I am not so lucky.


Starting on Tuesday (tomorrow), I have my English midterm, worth a lovely 15% of my grade. On Thursday comes my math midterm.

That’s the one I’m worried about. I learn by watching people do things, and I’m taking an online math class. Why am I taking an online math class? Well, squadlings, I am what scientists call…


Yep. I decided to take all of my classes on ONLY Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that wasn’t an option for my math class, so I took it online.


I’m doing well in the class, I have an A, thanks to my dad standing over my shoulder every time I take an online test.

RIP Senna Jandy.

I also have an Earth Science test this week, although I’m not sure if that’s a midterm or just a unit test. I should probably figure that out, shouldn’t I?

Wish me luck, squadlings!



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