“Any plans for the summer?”

Ah yes, it’s that time again. Once Spring Break ends, all college students can think about is SUMMER. How wonderful it will be to sleep past 8:30AM for the first time since September. Because of this, I’ve been asked a few times this week “do you have any plans for the summer?



For most college students, summer means roadtrips, bonfires, and hanging out with their friends who have returned from other colleges. For me, it’s probably not going to be like this.

For me, I’m going to be taking at least one online class (yay, math!) and working as much as I can to get a good chunk of money saved before I transfer out of community college and exit the wonderful realm of living with my parents. This doesn’t mean I’m NOT going to do things this summer, I will…hopefully.

As of now, the only plan I have for summer is that my friend Rachel and I are having a joint birthday party for our dogs in July. Yes, I’ll post pictures when the time comes.

My friend Rylee and I want to go camping with some other friends of ours, and we also want to make a trip up to Lambeau Field in Green Bay together. I hope that works out!

As of now, that’s all I have in mind, considering I’ll be doing homework most of the time. Yeehaw.

Spring Break Updates

Greetings, squadlings.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted recently, it’s because on Wednesday, I had my wisdom teeth removed. All four of them. LITERAL HELL.

I knew the recovery was going to be rough, but I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was. Right after I woke up from the surgery, of course, I felt nothing, but I did end up crying over mashed potatoes. Don’t do drugs, kids.

Loads of painkillers, lots of sleep, and one season of Friends on Netflix later, and it’s Saturday. I’m still swollen and in pain, although the pain isn’t unbearable anymore. I’ve also become a master at talking with my mouth closed, because I still can’t open my mouth without excruciating pain. To give you an idea of what I look like, it’s something like this:



Aside from being a human chipmunk, I’ve basically just been sleeping all break, considering I can’t go to work looking like this.

The viral video of my dad, which you can read about here, peaked at about four million views before it died down. Thank god that’s over.

My sister is in Italy for Spring Break, and should be heading to Greece soon. She promised she’d bring me a bobblehead of the Pope. We’ll see.

Other than that, I’m pretty much just basking in my own misery.

I start school again on Tuesday. Pray for me.

Until we meet again, squadlings.

Spring Broke


And I’m doing absolutely nothing.

I wish I could say my friends and I are taking a road trip, or jetting off to Florida for a few days, but no. We’re stuck here in the cold, gray world known as Wisconsin. Because we’re broke.

One thing I knew was coming, but have come to realize, about adulting is that EVERYTHING is expensive. Everything.

My friends and I talked about maybe doing something together for Spring Break, but alas, we’re broke. Yes, we all have jobs, but we don’t make enough to take even a weekend away. I get paid well at my job, don’t get me wrong, and I like my job. It’s just that traveling is expensive, and I can’t afford it. AND YES, I MAKE ABOVE MINIMUM WAGE.

So, while my sister jets off to Italy and Greece for two weeks, I get to have my wisdom teeth removed. Who’s the real winner here?

What Happens When a Family Member Goes Viral

If you’ve been on social media today, surely you’ve seen “The World’s Most Awkward Weatherman.” This video of a weatherman cracking an apparently awkward joke on live TV has been spread everywhere today from California to New York. It’s been in Ireland, England, ALL OVER the US, and even Dubai. It has over a million views ON FACEBOOK ALONE.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that “Awkward Weatherman” is my father.

Yes, he knows the video has gone viral. He doesn’t care. My dad is the last person to give a rat’s ass about anything social media related. The man barely knows how to send a text message.

But while my dad doesn’t care, that doesn’t mean I don’t.

I don’t know if any of you have parents in the television business. I do. There are fun parts. There are the opportunities to go to many charity events. There are times when I see my dad dress up in a bra for a breast cancer charity (yes, that has actually happened).

But then, there are the not-so-good times. Like this.

When my friend first sent me the video this morning, I figured it was something that would just blow over. No one would care, right? Well, soon after, the video had 80,000 hits.

Checking the comments was the worst decision I could have made. There were harmless, innocent comments, such as “Savage!” “Michael Scott as a news anchor” “HAHAHA OH NO!”

Then, there were some bad ones.

He better have gotten fired for this” “So disrespectful” “What a douche!” “I bet he goes to college bars and creeps on girls.” “WOW, nice, asshole.”

This is when I got mad. In fact, I told my friend Rachel that I “wanted to find the person who posted this video and beat the living hell out of them.”  I’m such a pleasant person when I’m angry.

Well, friends, hate to break it to you: That video is two years old. My dad didn’t get, NOR IS HE GOING TO BE, fired. In fact, he just signed a six-year contract. Sorry to burst your bubble.

In reading said comments, I posted a few very harsh replies. My older brother noticed what I was doing and made me delete the comments, saying “You’re starting unnecessary shit.” 

Am I?

These people were ripping into my dad, a man they don’t even know, for what? A “like” on Facebook?

Why is this video even viral? It’s two years old, and unless you know my dad and his friendship with the anchor he was referring to, the video isn’t even funny. 

So, guess what, kids?

My dad isn’t going to be fired. Frankly, if you feel he should be fired, your parents must be cousins, because you’re downright stupid and the comment he made was completely harmless.

A lot of people on the Internet are stupid and have nothing else better to do. I know this because I’m one of them. Why do you think I have a blog? Because I have nothing else better to do, and to be honest, I’m not very bright.

That’s not my point, though. My point is that this man you see as “The World’s Most Awkward Weatherman” is a man I see as my father. This man you see as “The World’s Most Awkward Weatherman” has three children, who frankly don’t give a rat’s fat ass what you think of our dad.

So, if you think my dad is a “complete douchebag”, so be it…


Peace out, squadlings.

**I’m not posting the video in this blog post. Don’t even bother asking, it’s not gonna happen.**

First Round of Midterms

Greetings, squadlings.

Last semester (my first semester of college), I was #blessed to not have A SINGLE midterm for any of my classes.

This semester, however, I am not so lucky.


Starting on Tuesday (tomorrow), I have my English midterm, worth a lovely 15% of my grade. On Thursday comes my math midterm.

That’s the one I’m worried about. I learn by watching people do things, and I’m taking an online math class. Why am I taking an online math class? Well, squadlings, I am what scientists call…


Yep. I decided to take all of my classes on ONLY Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that wasn’t an option for my math class, so I took it online.


I’m doing well in the class, I have an A, thanks to my dad standing over my shoulder every time I take an online test.

RIP Senna Jandy.

I also have an Earth Science test this week, although I’m not sure if that’s a midterm or just a unit test. I should probably figure that out, shouldn’t I?

Wish me luck, squadlings!