I Bet You All Forgot I Have a Blog

Greetings, squadlings. Do you remember me?

Many apologies for the lack of posts, I’ve been working and getting used to my second semester of college for the past week. Which is probably going to make you ask, “Then why are you posting at 10:00 on a Sunday?

I go to school from 10:00AM to 3:45PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My work schedule varies, but as of now it’s been Monday, Friday, and Sunday from anywhere from 9:30AM-3PM or 10:30/11:00AM-4PM.

My job is good! I like it a lot better than my last one. I’ve made quite a few friends and seen a few familiar faces at my new workplace. It’s a lot easier to adapt to a setting where you’re not the only person under the age of 25.

Being employed while going to school is a pain sometimes, but overall, I enjoy my job and still find time to squeeze schoolwork in there somehow.

My classes this semester are fine. Online math is easy enough, and the only class so far that makes me want to rip my hair from my skull is Marriage and Family, simply because it’s just not an interesting topic to me (I took it solely because it transfers to the university I’m looking to attend).

I’ll try to post as life gets more interesting.

Until we meet again, squadlings.


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