Far Away Family

(Apologies for how crappy this post may be, I dislocated my thumb and can only type so well with this brace on my hand)

I don’t exactly know how my family spread across the world, but it worked out that way, didn’t it?

Most of my family is smashed into Wisconsin and Minnesota. The people living in Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, I don’t see very often. My dad’s family used to do an annual family camping trip, but once the older grandkids started heading to college, that died down. Now, really the only time I see my up-north family is Christmas.

My mom’s family are mostly spread around Wisconsin. Appleton, Sturgeon Bay, Madison…However, there are some exceptions. I have a cousin who lives in California, and another who lives in Germany. Germany. Those cousins have started their own lives now, my cousin who lives in Germany has a fiancé and a baby.

My other cousins are…well, everywhere. Most of those who have finished college ended up back in Wisconsin, with the exception of California and Germany, of course. My cousins who are still in college are all over. One is in Texas, one is in Michigan, one is in Ohio, and the next in line just got accepted to a college in Colorado. One of my cousins, the one who goes to college in Ohio, is currently studying in London for a semester. You can read about her here

I’ve never really thought about how spread out my family is until my cousin left for London earlier this week. I don’t talk to my cousins who live overseas very much. The time differences are hard to get used to; when I’m making breakfast, my cousin is probably talking to her roommates about what to get for dinner.



Yes, I just did that.

I don’t blame my cousins for living their own lives. I’m happy for them! My cousin who lives in Germany has a son, and he’s adorable. My cousin who lives in London is going to have the time of her life. All my cousins in college are doing just fine.

All I know about having family live so far away is that, once we all get together again, it’s like they never left.

Told you this post wouldn’t be that good. Apologies, squadlings. Hopefully the brace will come off soon. Until we meet again.



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