Greetings, squadlings, and apologies for the lack of posts the past few days.

I’ve been wrapping up my first round of college finals, and might I say, they were terrible. That being said, I SURVIVED MY FIRST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE! PUZZAH!

College is hard. It’s a lot harder than high school. No, I’m not in class for seven hours a day like I was in high school, but I sure as hell didn’t spend as much time on homework in high school, either.

I admit it: I slacked off in high school. A LOT. (Why do you think I go to community college?) (That was a joke.) (Partially.) I RARELY did homework, I never studied for tests, and if I got a bad grade, I’d just laugh it off with my friends. Oh, how times have changed.

Since having started college, I cried over a BC. I CRIED OVER A BC. In high school, my parents would have probably cried tears of joy if I ever came home with anything remotely close to a B. I say “probably” because it never happened, so I don’t know what their reaction would have been. College is different.

I was shooting for a 3.0 Grade Point Average. I know, I know, 3.0 isn’t anything compared to my brother’s Dean’s List 4.0 his first semester of college at the same school, but my brother is a super genius and I’m, well, average at best. Having a BC in a class meant the highest GPA I could pull off for the semester, unless I got A’s in my other classes (ha, yeah right) was a 2.83. Anything under a 3.0 in college pretty much means you’re screwed, in my mind.

I was talking to my dad about finals in the car ride over to his house and started crying when I talked about Sociology, the class I’d picked up a BC in. Sociology had been my best class all semester, I’d kept my grade at an AB-B all semester, until the last unit test, on which I got a 50%. Yes, I know. Why do you think I cried? That last test, mixed with ONLY ONE missing homework assignment, dropped me to a BC.

Desperate, I emailed my Sociology professor, basically begging her for a second chance. She was kind enough to offer to give me half credit on the assignment I had missed earlier in the semester. Since I was on the border of a BC and a B, even half credit on the assignment would bump me to a B. So, naturally, I raced over to my dad’s house to finish the assignment, scan it (my mom doesn’t have a printer), and send it to the professor. Within 10 minutes of her receiving the email, my grade on our online system bumped from a 83% to an 87%. A B. 


Bless my Sociology professor. She saved my first semester GPA.

The grades for my other classes aren’t in the system yet, considering it’s only Sunday and finals ended on Friday, so, fingers crossed they’re B’s or higher so I can pull off a 3.0, squadlings.

Thank you for putting up with my crap. I’m on break now, so I’ll try to post more often. Deuces. 1st2bsemester2bof2bcollege


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